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My new album “Fruitions” is about moving all aspects of your life towards the direction of monumental positivity! Addressing all the negative parts of your life and empowering the good. From fire to fruition with vigilant exuberance!

I learned a lot about myself making this record over the last 2.5 years. I set out to only work on music that I felt the most emotionally attached to. This meant leaving a lot of songs behind. But what I was left with was 9 songs that I feel significantly close to emotionally and introspectively. They are very personal to me. They are a snapshot of my mind at this point in my life. They show my flaws and the motivations for fixing them. I am 100% emotionally and physically attached to these songs. This album is more me than who I am in social situations, and that is something I’ve learned I need to leave behind.

I’m leaving my lonely introverted pity behind. I have always infused it with my music. But I’m going to try and leave that behind in my life and my music. Less time for myself, more time for people. In shitty situations, you can feel sorry for yourself or you can move on to better things. That’s what I’ve learned from this album once and for all and I intend to follow the trajectory it points to.

1. Sunrise Only - Be humbled and grounded with ambition to take on every new day with positivity.

2. Triumph - Triumphantly move forward for a better tomorrow, even when you feel overcome. Set new things in motion.

3. A Comfortable Feeling - Strive for comfort and warmth in all areas of your life, especially the troubled areas.

4. Slip Away - Turn your pain into a rose for yourself. Acknowledge your faults and put the results to use.

5. Island Universe - Be exuberantly conscious of your experiences, even when you are exposed and vulnerable.

6. Alone - Feel heartbreak introspectively. The things that make you want to separate from yourself will pass.

7. Fruition - Surrender your time to loving yourself and others. Fly to your comfort zone when needed.

8. The Memory - Heal yourself in parallel with the people around you.

9. Upside Down - Get something out of pain other than the feeling itself. And then leave the feeling behind.

This album is about a lot of things, but the overall theme is positivity. I will try, in my life and my music, to be as positive as possible.Monumental positivity! This album leaves the negative behind. I’ll work to leave the negative in my life behind as well as try to help others do the same.

Love yourself, your life and all the opportunities that are right in front of you. I’ll turn away from self pity and love myself more than ever. That will radiate with the other people/things I love: Family, Friends, Knowledge, and of course Music - An introspective emotional canvas of the brain and the therapy that helps me discover ways to better myself.

I want to thank all of my amazing friends and family for being my friends and family. I seriously love you all! I’m so excited to continue building knowledge of one-another and strengthening our relationships. Watching everyone’s lives is inspiring and comforting. Let’s hang out!!


Tommy Metz

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Growing up in Fort Collins, Colorado and later moving to Denver, Electronic artist Tommy Metz, aka iuengliss (pronounced "eye-wen-gliss"), is heavily involved in the Denver and Fort Collins DIY/Indie music scenes. Running Bocumast Records and releasing music with Plastic Sound Supply and Laserpalace, he is also one half of the experimental duo Yawn Tron with drummer Shane Zweygardt.

Iuengliss has performed alongside Ulrich Schnauss, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Max Tundra, Phantogram, Deastro, Starfucker and many other local/national acts.

Press Articles:

"Undergone quite the effort to craft his brand of constantly moving electro beats" - XLR8R

"One of Denver's more prolific musicians." - Westword

"Strafes jittery breakbeats with arcade firings and 8-bit melodies" - Textura

"The dark of space, warping and interrupting interstellar radio signals" - Westword

"Manic day-glo glitchout" - The Onion

"Blissful pop candy...'80s synth, club banger drums and positive energy mantra lyrics" - Westword

"Iuengliss" Tom Metz crafts a melodic concoction of ambience, sighing vocals, and epic meloncholy." - The Onion

"The feeling of rising on a sunny day in early spring, after the snows have subsided and the burning heat of the summer is still weeks away...captivates the imagination while simultaneously refreshing the mind and rejuvenating the spirit with its meticulously crafted, gently cascading rhythms...effectively recalls Sigur Ros' most beautiful moments…" - Westword

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